11 Reasons to Love the Fall


All four seasons are about change, and of all of them Fall is the most dramatic. Starting with the change of light, for a brief time between late September to late November we get this wonderful Autumn sun glow that can be seen most during sunrise and sunset, and it casts a warm hue throughout the day.

Rosemary in the Autumn glow

The moon is also glowing and gorgeous during the Fall too, especially the Harvest Moon, as in that SuperMoon we had late September. As we get later into Autumn, this quality of light gets richer and warmer until it gradually gives way to Winter’s crisp blue cast.

The SuperMoon September 2015

Fall Highlights:

Okay where do we start?

  1. Harvest time! Springtime’s planted crops and fruitful trees are now ready to harvest. The apple and pomegranate trees ready to be picked. The photo above is of the pom’s from the backyard.
  2. Back to School: Okay, I’m not in school, but many people of all ages from 6 – 60 are going back to school, and it’s exciting! It’s a new start, full of potential, with like-minded people. I also use “Back to School” as an analogy for “fresh starts” in life regarding a new job, new projects, a career change, or start up/launch a new business.
  3. Fall in love! Spring is overrated Fall is the best time for new relationships or a new approach to existing ones. You’ve got that Autumn glow that makes everything look magical.
  4. Fall Fashion Week: I know not related to natural changes…or is it? Fashion is time based and follows seasons and trends, plus I love it, it’s like art to me. I’m not a fashionista but I really like the idea of people changing their appearance and season related clothes in tune with nature. I’m hoping to see more eco-conscious and sustainable clothing though. We’ll get there.
  5. Fall Festival Time! – this includes Wine & Food Festivals, Craft Fairs, Harvest Festivals – which are sort of like a giant Farmer’s Market, and of course Octoberfest!
  6. The weather, it’s neither too hot or too cold (except in Southern California it’s been too hot 80+ – 100 degrees, with some occasional cool days since August.) We get this lovely dry breeze that seems so refreshing after months of humid weather. It’s a cross between sweater weather and t-shirt weather.
  7. Pumpkins! To eat, to decorate, to carve, and then there’s freshly roasted sea salted pumpkin seeds.
  8. October: it’s magic. It just is.
  9. Halloween! I think Halloween is the fantastic closing night of October. You gotta love a night holiday, especially one with candy. Creativity, imagination, illusion and fun are in full bloom on this night.
  10. Thanksgiving! This is Fall’s major holiday and one of my favorites! Food, friends, family, relaxing with hot spiked apple cider (unless you’re planning on cooking & hosting). If Thanksgivings have been stressful for you in the past, then make sure to enjoy it this year in the best way possible, create new traditions, spend it with friends, a community, or serve others through volunteering. This is also a good time to take stock of your natural gifts and talents, and how you can share them.
  11. The lovely foliage, creating a colorful tree-scape of reds and golds. The leaves are not going quietly as they’re  making their grand finale and graceful exit off the trees.

I hope you enjoy this magical Fall season. I could list off many more things I love about this season, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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