Modern Ritual

Modern Ritual is the idea of elevating everyday rituals such as dressing, eating, working, etc…in a holistic way that is mindful, kind, reduces stress and benefits the whole person.
In 2012 when I started the Modern Ritual shop I made natural essential oils blends that offered aromatherapy benefits. As much as I enjoyed making the blends in 2020 it was not sustainable for me to continue and I had to make a change.
This was at the beginning of the pandemic, I could see that change was happening on a global and local level. I was ready to change what I was doing full-time and start using my strengths in creative problem-solving. I made the decision to go back to school, (yet again) to study interior design, for a few reasons, – I love to design, and I wanted to design holistic spaces that are not only beautiful but feel good and even fun to be in. My goal is to design spaces for people that serve them in an elevated way with values of comfort, function, and style.

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